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Spring 2012

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Garnet + Big Blue: An innovative combination
Union’s relationship with IBM has a richer history than most might guess. IBM presidents have given College Commencement addresses and Union alumni have made – and continue to make – Big Blue the industry titan it is. With six decades under its belt, this bond of mutual benefit just keeps growing.

Saving Art
A remote corner basement lab is the home of a wide-ranging collection of majors, faculty and art preservation experts. Their goal: to use the latest tools of science to save aging works of art.

My place in the world
Fresh from the Founders Day talk by author Richard Russo, Bill Ackerbauer ’96 ponders the complex connections he shares with Russo and their blue-collar, upstate New York hometowns. Ackerbauer also explores what he learned as a student whose small-town roots were in sharp contrast with those of his classmates.


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